MOOG Employees FCU




As a member of MOOG Employees FCU you may choose to view your periodic member account statement online. By choosing to receive statements online (E-statements), you will be opting out of receiving your printed statement after the acceptance of this agreement

·         I understand if I choose this option I will be opting out of receiving a printed account statement, important notices, newsletters, and other statement inserts by mail.

·         I understand I will be notified by email when by E-statement is available online. My E-statements will be available for 24 months prior to being purged.

·         I understand MOOG Employees FCU will notify me by e-mail when disclosures required by law, newsletters, promotional materials, and any other important notices or statement inserts are available on the website. These documents will be available for 90 days. I agree it is my responsibility to examine these documents.

·         I understand it is my responsibility to maintain the proper equipment/software that will enable me to view, print, and save these statements for my records.


Request for Electronic Statement Delivery - I hereby authorize MOOG Employees FCU to deliver all monthly or quarterly account statements to me by electronic means. I understand that MOOG Employees FCU will notify me by e-mail when the statements are available for viewing over a secure website. I also understand that I will no longer receive paper statements via postal delivery.


Transmittal of Electronic Statement - By accepting this agreement, I elect to receive my statements electronically in the manner set forth by MOOG Employees FCU. I agree to accept MOOG Employees FCU periodic statements, and all disclosures related to my statements, electronically by a visual text to be displayed on a personal computer monitor. I request that the Credit Union transmit my statement to me electronically, and I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


Security Procedures - I acknowledge that I will be able to retrieve my statements electronically through the use of the MOOG Employees FCU website.

·         Log-On Security

o   For my protection, I should sign off after every electronic statement session. However, in order to help prevent unauthorized access to my statement(s), my electronic statement session will end automatically if MOOG Employees FCU detects no activity for fifteen (15) minutes. This is to protect me in case I accidentally leave my computer unattended after I logged in. When I return to my computer, I will be prompted to re-enter my account number and password.

o   In addition, MOOG Employees FCU will deactivate my account after three (3) unsuccessful log-in attempts within a twenty-four (24) hour time frame.

o   I acknowledge that, if I disclose my password to anyone else of if my password is lost or stolen, third parties may be able to access my Credit Union statements. I agree that the Credit Union will not be liable for any loss caused by the authorized or unauthorized use of my password by any third party to access my statements. I agree to keep my password in a place of safekeeping, and I agree that the security of my password will be my responsibility at all times.

·         Encryption – The service uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology while accessing electronic statements. The browser automatically activates this technology when it attempts to connect to electronic statements. Electronic statements require a browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

·         Certificate of Authority – The servers hosting the electronic statements have been certified by a “Certificate Authority” to assure linking to MOOG Employees FCU’s electronic statements instead of someone pretending to be MOOG Employees FCU.


Additional Provisions - I acknowledge and agree that, by requesting electronic statement delivery, I will not receive paper statements.

·         I agree to the security methods and techniques set out in this Agreement.

·         I agree that the Credit Union will not be liable for any loss arising out of my use of E-statements if the Credit Union observes security methods presently set out in this Agreement, or as amended from time to time.

·         Further, I agree that the Credit Union will not be liable to any loss arising out of my use of e-statements under any circumstances if I fail to observe the security methods and the recommendations set forth in this Agreement.

·         I agree that it is my responsibility to read current newsletters and inserts located within my E-statement layout.

·         I understand I may order duplicate statement copies for a fee by calling MOOG Employees FCU at 716-655-2360 (local) or 1-800-359-6664 (long distance). Copies will be provided in paper form.

·         I understand I will receive the first E-statement generated after my acceptance. My electronic statements will be available for twenty-four (24) months beginning the next statement after my enrollment.

·         I understand that if I enroll for E-statements on the last business day of the month (or last two business days of the month if it falls on a weekend), that my first E-statement will not be generated until the following month.

·         I understand that I am required to provide an e-mail address and will update MOOG Employees FCU with all e-mail address changes immediately. My e-mail address can be changed by updating my profile on the E-statements website.

·         I understand if my e-mail notification is returned undeliverable, E-statements will remain on the website for a period of time. However, if I do not provide MOOG Employees FCU with an updated e-mail address, E-statements will be discontinued, and paper statements will be mailed to my current mailing address.

·         I agree it is my responsibility to examine each E-statement and report any irregularities or disputes to MOOG Employees FCU within 60 days of e-mail notification of statement availability.

·         I understand I may discontinue E-statements and re-instate paper statements at any time at no cost to me by calling MOOG Employees FCU at 716-655-2360 (local) or 1-800-359-6664 (long distance).

·         I acknowledge and agree that, if the Credit Union in its judgment believes that the transmission of my statements electronically is no longer viable, or that any such transmission may give rise to security or operational concerns, the Credit Union may cease the electronic delivery of my statements and provide me with paper statements in lieu thereof.

·         I acknowledge and agree that I have read and I understand the security procedures set out and that any e-mail address I provide to the Credit Union is accurate.


System Requirements - The minimum requirements for E-Statements are:

Processor Speed:  486 or higher

Modem Speed:  28.8 Kbps or higher

Monitor Size:  Any size, 800x600 resolution or higher

Memory Size:  16 MB or higher Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or greater